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Bronze portrait of Australian Indigenous Resistance hero Pemulwuy - by Masha Marjanovich

Pemulwuy, Indigenous Resistance leader
- bronze - 850 x 650 x 450 mm

He was wounded in battle

but he didnt give up.

He was shot and captured

but he didn't give up.

He was shackled in chains

but he didn't give up.

With shackles still on his legs

he rejoined the fight

for freedom.


                     ~ M. Marjanovich

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    This monumental portrait of Pemulwuy was created to honour and celebrate the bravery and wisdom of the heroic leader of Indigenous Resistance, Pemulwuy.    


    With permission of the Bidjigal community, the sculpture was created on the initiative of the University of Queensland Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Isalnder studies.  It is approved as a valid representation of Pemulwuy by the First Nation elders including Vic Simms, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, Colin Dillon, Hetti Perkins and Michael Williams, as well as by the National Museum of Australia and the University of Queensland. 


    This portrait of Pemulwuy is now displayed by the following institutions:

National Museum of Australia

City of Parramatta

Australian Dictionary of Biography

Monument Australia

    The portrait is also featured in the following media:


Art + Soul documentary series by Hetti Perkins


National Museum of Australia Digital Classroom 


Black Rock Band: Red, Black and Yellow

Living With the Locals - Early European Exerience of Indigenous Life by John Maynard And Victoria Haskins, National Library of Australia

What Do We Want? - The Story of Protest in Australia, by Clive Hamilton, National Library of Australia

First Contacts by Carolyn Tate, Blake Education Publishing

First Contacts Anthology, Macmillan History, 

Macmillan Publishers Australia


Economic Growth in the Colonies, by Samantha Frappell, Macmillan History, Macmillan Publishers Australia

sculptures by

masha marjanovich

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